Ragnaros certainly needs no introduction

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Tyrande is high priestess of the goddess Elune, and it has headed the Night Elves for several years alongside her partner Malfurion Stormrage. In wow classic gold, Malfurion is stuck at the Emerald Dream and Tyrande rules from inside Darnassus. She interacts with gamers a few times as the faction leader of the Night Elves. She goes on to accomplish feats in expansions and is eventually reunited with Malfurion, but on Classic servers, she is content with maintaining order helping the Alliance.

By fire, we were purged. Ragnaros certainly needs no introduction, and any list of WoW characters will be incomplete without all-time's most well-known raid boss. Summoning Ragnaros for the first time was a very big deal for most guilds from the game that is first. Killing him was a much bigger feat, thanks to the fact that he would despawn in no more than an hour after being summoned. (This was later changed to 2 hours.)

Ragnaros was the trick to getting Tier 2 legs, which meant that many guilds continued to run Molten Core for months after they were done farming the rest of the case. The Firelord drops the Eye of Sulfuras, a item that lets classes that are certain to make the.

Aka Nefarian, Lord Nefarius, has much more personality, as far as raid managers go. Players were introduced into him while conducting the Upper Blackrock Spire dungeon, where he would advocate his minions to kill the celebration's sanity:"Fools!

Hakkar is the boss of the Zul'Gurub 20-man raid instance. But players were conversant with him before that, as Hakkar, or his Avatar, was one of the end bosses in the Sunken Temple 5-man dungeon. While Hakkar is unforgettable enough he is included on this list because of the notoriety of a few of his abilities.

Corrupted Blood is a damage over time spell that can quickly spread across the raid if players aren't careful to buy classic gold. When Zul'Gurub was first introduced, it was really possible for a player with this disease to take it from the case and into a major city. Corrupted Blood spread like wildfire, killing. The incident made headlines in the mainstream media, together with sociologists and scientists studying it as an example of how humans might react to the spread of a deadly plague in real life.