Are we the slaves to modern technology?

Bluetooth speakers can help you to have more fun in your birthday party.


Smartphones and laptops have become a major part of modern technology, as they bring ease of convenience to our daily life. With rapidly changing technology, we want to invest in best to best Bluetooth speaker with radio, or smartphones, or laptops.

This is all because we live in a constant self-presentation state. No matter what, we want to have the latest car, smartphone, or laptop before any of our colleagues, friends, or even relatives. Whether or not we need a particular device, we’re constantly stressing ourselves over materialistic things. In a digital world, where it’s rare to have face-to-face interactions, we just want to portray ourselves as someone with a luxurious lifestyle. And for that luxe lifestyle, we have become slaves of modern technology. I am not saying that using technology is bad. Technology is helpful in many ways. From waking us up in the morning with alarm and helping us carry our music to any place we go to treating many medical conditions, technology is helping us everywhere. If used in the right manner, there is nothing better than technology and advanced equipment.

But unnecessarily relying on high-tech devices and buying them just to show off your social status is not the right way. Unconsciously, this behaviour would only lead us to an inactive lifestyle, unhealthy relationships, and dependency on gadgets.